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Styptic Powder

Nutri-Vet Styptic Powder for dogs is veterinarian formulated to quickly stop bleeding due to one of a dog owner’s worst fears–a nail trimming accident. This powder can also be used on minor cuts and is a must for your canine first aid kit.


Styptic Powder - Content
  • Essential when trimming your pet’s nails.
  • Works within seconds of application to stop bleeding and reduce stress.
  • Easy-to-use powder formula.


Styptic Powder - Content

Apply powder freely with moistened cotton-tipped applicator (not included) to the area being treated. The surface should be thoroughly covered with powder. Apply moderate pressure for 5–10 seconds until bleeding stops. Repeat as needed.


Styptic Powder - Content

Active Ingredients:

Ferrib Subsulfate

Inactive Ingredients:

Bentonite, Potassium Aluminum Sulfate, Diatomaceous Earth and Ammonium Chloride.

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