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Maximize your pet's health and journey together. For over 20 years, we have been empowering owners and pets to live their best lives together. Our products are made with the right amount of the right stuff—we call it Amounts That Count®.​

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Dogs and Cats

Hip & Joint Supplements

One in four dogs and two-thirds of older cats suffer from arthritis*. By incorporating hip and joint supplements into your pets’ routines, you can help maintain joint mobility and relieve occasional stiffness as they age.

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Digestion & Bladder Care

Does your dog or cat have upset stomach, diarrhea or can't quit that nasty habit? Improve your pet's digestion and quality of life with Nutri-Vet's® digestion products for pets. Explore probiotics, pumpkin blends, urinary tract care products and more here!​

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Skin & Coat Products

Say goodbye to dull coats, itchy skin and hairballs and enjoy shinier, healthier fur with Nutri-Vet's® line of skin and coat supplements, liquids and soft chews for cats and dogs. Make supplementation fun with Nutri-Vet's® delicious flavors and varieties. ​

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Calming & Anxiety Relief

Many factors can throw your cat or dog off their routine, causing stress and anxiety. Get ahead of the "scaries" with Nutri-Vet's® complete line of calming and anxiety products for pets for thunderstorms, travel, separation, fireworks and more.​

2k+ 5 Star Reviews

Amounts That Count®

Nutri-Vet® is proud to offer you high-quality, effective pet wellness solutions, and our Amounts that Count® labels help you see exactly what’s in your pet’s supplements.​


We've got nothing to hide!
Nutri-Vet’s® formulations are right there on the label so you can be sure there are no hidden ingredients or surprises.​


Get clear on what's in your pet's supplements and care items. Amounts that Count® show you the good-for-pets active ingredients in each Nutri-Vet® product.​


Nutri-Vet® products include the most effective doses of top-quality ingredients so pets can live their best lives. No-fairy dusting here!​


Learn about Nutri-Vet’s® high-quality ingredients and their benefits so you can be confident about what you’re giving your pet. ​

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Now Available

Nutri-Vet® Hemp Essentials

Looking for an effective Hemp Seed soft chew for dogs? Introducing Nutri-Vet's® new line of Hemp Soft Chews, driven by Amounts that Count® and available in three varieties: calming, hip and joint and skin and coat. Our formulations combine the benefits of Hemp Seed with other proven ingredients like Melatonin, Turmeric and Collagen. Click the link to find Hemp Essentials dog supplements near you!​