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We Love Fluff.

Just not in our products.

Finding the right supplements for your furry family members can be tough. Especially when many pet products are filled with unnecessary additives or "fluff." 

Nutri-Vet® promises no added fillers, just pure, effective ingredients in carefully measured Amounts That Count®. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Amounts That Count®

Nutri-Vet® is proud to offer you high-quality, effective pet wellness solutions, and our Amounts that Count® labels help you see exactly what's in your pet's supplements. 

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Thousands of dogs, cats and pet parents agree - Nutri-Vet® products are the ones pets crave. Our unique formulas taste better than other leading brands*.


In addition to tasting better, Nutri-Vet's supplements are proven effective. Thousands of pets are enjoying improved mobility, agility and quality of life!


The secret to our success lies in our commitment to pure, premium ingredients. With Nutri-Vet, you're not just supplementing your pet; you're investing in their health with every bite.


Embrace premium pet care without the premium price tag. Nutri-Vet offers an unbeatable blend of quality and affordability, making it easier than ever to show your pets and your wallet some love.

Why Choose Nutri-Vet?

With more goodness per biscuit than any other supplement on the market, we're proud to give you more "bang for your biscuit."
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Supplements & Wellness

Your pet's wellness journey starts with the right vitamins and minerals. From best-selling joint supplements for dogs to digestive health-supporting dog probiotics, our supplements offer a path toward a happier, healthier life for your furry family.

Explore vitamins for dogs and more here!

Dental, Grooming and Wound Care

Keep your dog shining from tooth to tail with dental, wound care and ear and eye care products from Nutri-Vet. Explore enzymatic toothpaste and dental chews for dogs, liquid bandages for dogs and ear and eye drops and more!

What We Leave Out

Including these ingredients in pet supplements will get you in the dog house. At Nutri-Vet, we promise you’ll never have to worry about determining whether a product is safe for your pet. Just good-for-pets ingredients in Amounts That Count®.

dog house what we leave out
  • Low-Quality Ingredients
  • Phthalates
  • Fillers
  • DEA
  • Xylitol
  • By-products
  • Heavy Metals.
  • FD&C Red No. 40.

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Functional Dog Biscuits

Make health a treat with our functional dog biscuits for Hip & Joint, Immune & Digestion or Skin & Coat health!