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Amounts That Count®

Nutri-Vet® is proud to offer you high-quality, effective pet wellness solutions, and our Amounts that Count® labels help you see exactly what's in your pet's supplements. 

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Thousands of dogs, cats and pet parents agree - Nutri-Vet® products are the ones pets crave. Our unique formulas taste better than other leading brands*.

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In addition to tasting better, Nutri-Vet's supplements are proven effective. Thousands of pets are enjoying improved mobility, agility and quality of life!

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The secret to our success lies in our commitment to pure, premium ingredients. With Nutri-Vet, you're not just supplementing your pet; you're investing in their health with every bite.

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Embrace premium pet care without the premium price tag. Nutri-Vet offers an unbeatable blend of quality and affordability, making it easier than ever to show your pets and your wallet some love.

Something on your mind? We're all ears

For us, good in, means good out – our products have an efficacious dose - meaning the active ingredients are included at a high enough level to deliver the intended benefit. We call it Amounts that Count™️. In pet terms, that means more fun,  more jumping and more everything. For pet parents that means you may get more ‘best days’ with your best friend. At Nutri-Vet, we have the responsibility to:

  • Ensure that all our products are traceable to their origins
  • Use sophisticated veterinarian-formulated products
  • Ensure that supplements are easy to administer and readily accepted by pets
  • Use regulatory-compliant labels
  • Offer science-based product support
  • Strive for a satisfying pet (and pet parent!) experience with every product, every time

Since the best product is one your pet is willing to accept, we ensure that our products are created with easy-to-administer formulas and attractive flavors or scents. It’s why we say Nutri-Vet products are Made by Vets, Craved by Pets.

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