Our Story

Our founders recognized that like us humans, every pet is different both inside and out, and that every one of them deserves a healthier life. Inspired by the benefits of human supplements, their vision was to create the same for pets. A complete offering so that they could live their best, healthiest life.

For us, good in, means good out – our products have an efficacious dose - meaning the active ingredients are included at a high enough level to deliver the intended benefit. We call it Amounts that Count™. In pet terms, that means more fun,  more jumping and more everything. For pet parents that means you may get more ‘best days’ with your best friend. At Nutri-Vet, we have the responsibility to:

  • Ensure that all our items are traceable to their origins
  • Use sophisticated veterinarian-formulated products
  • Ensure that supplements are easy to administer and readily accepted by pets
  • Provide an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee
  • Use regulatory-compliant labels
  • Offer science-based product support


Since the best product is one your pet is willing to accept, we ensure that our products are created with easy-to-administer formulas and attractive flavors or scents. It’s why we say Nutri-Vet products are “Made by Vets, Craved by Pets.™"

Something on your mind? We're all ears.

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Something on your mind? We’re all ears.