Dog Wound Care and First Aid

Things happen, and you need to be prepared. From bandages to wound spray to pad guards, we have everything you need for your dog first aid kit.





3" Bitter Bandage - Front
3" Bitter Bandage - back

3" Bitter Bandage

Nutri-Vet 3” Bitter Bandage is a wound care solution that holds pets' dressings in place and can also be used to support strains and sprains. Its bitter taste discourages pets from chewing and licking at bandaged areas to prevent skin infection and facilitate optimal healing.


Amounts That Count™


  • Self-adhering, does not slip or loosen.
  • Easy to apply, does not stick to hair or skin.
  • Dentatonium Benzoate imparts a nontoxic bitter taste.
  • Available in two-inch or three-inch sizes with a choice of teal or pink heart design.


Do not apply to open wounds or sores.


Denatonium Benzoate

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