We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Nutri-Vet products, your pet and related issues

Can I use two different supplements together?

In many cases, using multiple supplements for your pet is safe and indicated. However, it is crucial to ensure they do not contain the same active ingredients to avoid overconsumption, as well not providing two of the same types of supplements, e.g., two joint supplements, two seasonal allergy supplements, even if they have different active ingredients. Always consult with your veterinarian before introducing new supplements into your pet’s regimen to ensure the safety of the supplement with any prescribed medications, as well as making sure your pet will benefit from the addition of the supplement in their routine. Lastly, read the product label through entirely before providing any supplement to your pet.

Are the glucosamine amounts in the Hip and Joint products calculated before or after processing?

To ensure your pet is receiving an adequate amount of glucosamine, the amount is evaluated after the product has been made.

Can the Nutri-Vet chewable tablets be crushed before administering to my dog?

It is okay to break or crush the Nutri-Vet chewable tablets into a food or treat to give them to your pet, if this is the best way to get them to take them. However, if your pets only consume a portion of the food or treat, do not re-dose the supplement, as this could result in providing too much of the active ingredient.

How long can the Nutri-Vet Aspirin be used for?

Veterinarians believe that senior dogs predisposed to joint conditions may benefit from 500 mg of glucosamine once or twice daily. Most pet foods contain only 200 to 800 mg of glucosamine per 2.2 pounds of food–not body weight–thus making it difficult for dogs to ingest sufficient levels without overeating.

Can supplements be used with prescription medications?

Unfortunately, not all medications and supplements are compatible. Always consult your veterinarian before adding a supplement to your dog’s regimen to ensure they are compatible with your pets’ medications and medical conditions.

Can the supplements help with medical conditions?

While Nutri-Vet supplements are made to aid, promote, and support the body, they are not intended to cure, reverse, or prevent any condition. If you feel as though one of our Nutri-Vet supplements may benefit your dog, please speak to your veterinarian before adding the supplement to their daily routine to make certain your pet’s individual needs have been considered.

How often should I brush my dogs’ teeth?

The Veterinary Oral Health Council recommends all teeth, as well as all surfaces of the teeth should be brushed daily if possible.

I used the Nutri-Vet Aspirin for 3 days; how long do I need to wait before I can give it for another 3 days?

Our Nutri-Vet Aspirin is intended for short-term use of pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and joint problems. If you find that a 3-day course does not provide the adequate pain relief your pet needs, please contact your veterinarian again. They will be able to examine your pet, perform diagnostics, and prescribe any necessary medications.

Can I provide Nutri-Vet supplements to animals not listed on the label?

Nutri-Vet supplements are specifically formulated for the species listed on the packaging and should not be used with any other species. Your veterinarian should be able to help you determine what products are appropriate for your pet.

My pet ingested more than the recommended amount of a Nutri-Vet supplement, what should I do?

Anytime a pet ingests more than what is indicated under Directions for Use on the packaging, we strongly encourage you to contact your veterinarian, or pet poison immediately so they can determine what next steps should be taken for your pet. Veterinary professionals are best positioned to evaluate the situation and any potential impact an overdose can have on your individual pet’s health. It is important to have the product packaging available when you reach out, so they have all relevant information.